Why does my marksheet look different to other staff marksheets?

Marksheets in Arbor can look different depending on:

  • Where you're accessing the marksheet from
  • The assessment you're accessing the marksheet for
  • Your job role in Arbor e.g. Teacher, Administrator, Head of Year, Head of Department, SLT etc.

Check which marksheet you're using

There are two types of marksheets in Arbor that look different - Academic Unit marksheets and Summative Tracking marksheets. Check that you are accessing the same type of marksheet following these instructions: What are the different summative assessment marksheets?

We recommend you use Academic Marksheets, so teachers should be accessing these from their calendar and lesson dashboards, and administrative and pastoral staff from School > Programmes > Courses.

Check your custom marksheet settings

Which academic unit levels have custom marksheets

If you're accessing marksheets from the same place, check whether your school uses Custom Marksheets.

When using custom marksheets, you can choose which academic unit levels to apply the custom marksheets to. If you haven't assigned the report to the bottom-level courses, staff accessing the marksheet as a teacher will not see the custom marksheet columns. If you need to change this, follow step 3 here.



Who custom marksheets have been shared with

If you are accessing the same academic unit level as the other member of staff, ask your administrative team to check which staff the custom marksheet has been shared with.

They'll need to click into the report in the Custom Report Writer to see who it's been shared with from the Report History page. Staff members need to be given View access to be able to see the custom marksheets - you can see how to do this here.


How can I see what a teacher sees?

You can't log in as a teacher to see what they can see. However, if you follow the steps above you can make sure all staff can access the right marksheets, which may very well be different. You can ask a teacher to show you what their marksheet looks like.

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