Payments, Meals, Clubs and Trips videos

Intro to setting up card payments
In this video, you can see some of the key features of using card payments in Arbor, and see what documents you'll need to prepare to set it up.
Overview and balances
Here's how to see student account balances, follow-up with guardians and add a quick invoice.
Top-ups and refunds
You can top up meal accounts and other top-up accounts by card, cash or cheque. You can also issue refunds generically by cash or cheque, or refund a top-up by card back to the original card.
Credit notes
Here's how to add a credit note for a top-up account.
Setting up meals
This video will talk you through the whole process of setting meals up in Arbor from scratch, from adding meal sittings right through to adding meal choices.
Using meals
In this video, you can see how to use the summary page to see how many of each meal are required each day. You can also see and top-up student meal balances, which will automatically deduct the price of the meals chosen each day.
Overview and creating clubs
See how to access the club overview page and create a new club, including adding the maximum number of students that can attend the club at any one time and schedule sessions.
Adding Prices, Sessions and Participants for Clubs
If you want parents to pay for the club, you'll need to set prices for different groups of students, then decide which students can sign up for the club.
Club cancellations and refunds
In this video, we look at how we can cancel club participation and make a refund from the club overview page, as well as performing this action without cancelling the students club membership.
Overview and creating trips
See how to add a new free or paid trip, including choosing the date and time, who can sign up for the trip, and whether to make the trip available for parents to sign up on the Parent Portal or Parent App.
Trip Pricing and Instalments
In this video, we look at setting pricing for trips, pricing participation thresholds, and setting this pricing to allow guardians to pay in instalments.
Sending a Mail Merge to follow up with outstanding Trip Payments
In this video, we look at sending email communications from the trip dashboard to guardians of students who still have outstanding debts to be paid towards a trip.
Trip cancellations and refunds
When payments have been made for a trip, you can choose to cancel the participation, cancel the participation and issue a refund, or just issue a refund. Payments made by cash or cheque can be logged as being refunded by either, but card payments must be refunded back onto the original card.
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