Editing a payment Customer Account Type

You can edit a Custom Account Type. Some changes need to have someone else in your school verify the changes, to ensure financial security.


To edit the setup or verify accounts edited by others, you must have the Finance: Administer permission. If you don't have permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


To edit an account type, go to School > Payments > Setup and go to Customer Account Types from the left-hand menu.

  • You'll see a list of accounts, whether accepting card payments is switched on, the bank account for payouts, and whether this account is shown on the Parent Portal and Parent App for parents to top up the balance.
  • If you have accounts that need verification, you'll see a banner notifying you of this. Payments cannot be made through the Parent Portal and Parent App until verification is completed.

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Changing your Customer Account Type details

To make changes, click on the chosen Customer Account Type in the list and click Edit.

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Changing the name or description

You can change the name and the description in the slide over.


The category determines how the account works in Arbor.

  • Ad Hoc - To be used for everything from on-off payments to Wraparound Care.
  • Meals - This should only be used for your main meals setup
  • School Shop - Only to be used for Shop items, this account category means that items can be paid for at point of sale, rather than deducted from a balance.

Please note that you cannot use accounts in setup if you have changed an old Ad hoc account category to be a School Shop type - it must be a brand new account.

Create student or staff accounts

Tick these boxes to automatically create a payment account for new students or staff when they join your school.

Show in Parent Portal

When the account is set up and verified, parents can see this account and use it to make payments on the Parent Portal and Parent App.

Further details on this setting here: Parent Portal and Parent App Settings

Accounting code

Add an accounting code to keep track of payments going to the same accounts: Reconcile your card payments using accounting codes

Enabling card payments

In the slide over, tick Accept card payments. This will enable card payments for all Customer Accounts with this type.

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Change who the account is verified by

In the slide over, select a different staff member. You will need to do this if the staff member that was initially set as having verified the account needs to be deleted.

Top Tip: The list of available staff members is anyone with the Finance: Administer permission

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Changing the bank account for payouts

It is not possible for you to change the bank account for payouts once the Customer Account Type has been verified. Please see these instructions: Changing the destination bank account for payments

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Before verification, change the bank account using the drop-down.

Top Tip: If you can't select another account here, you'll need to add it: Set up more than one bank account for payouts

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