Change the controllers/owners and representative for card payments

You can update your school's controller or owner or representative for your school's card payments account. For guidance on who should be selected, please see this article: Who should be put as the controllers/owners and representative?


You will need the Finance: Administer permission to change these details. If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


Where to go

Go to School > Payments > Setup, then select Card Payments > Accounts for Card Payments from the left-hand menu. Click on the account.



In the slide over, you can see you school's name, URN and address - these can be seen and updated (apart from the URN) from School > School Details.



If you scroll down, you can also see links to the terms and conditions, and amend bank account holder names. Top Tip: You can add new accounts by going to Card Payments > Bank Accounts for Payouts instead.



Should we amend the Controller/Owner details or replace them?

Depending on what details need amending means you should delete them and re-add them, rather than just change the details recorded: 

  • To correct any errors (e.g. name spellings, DOB, address) edit the existing Controller/Owner.
  • If a Controller/Owner has left, delete them and add a new one. Do not edit the details, because this will then not match the Identification Verification document Stripe has on file and your account will not be verified.

Editing details

Click on the details for the School Controllers/Owners to change them.



Click the Edit button, then edit the details, and click Save changes.

Top Tip: Make sure the addresses noted for the Controller/Owners are their personal home addresses, not the school's address.



Replacing details

Click into the existing controllers/owners, click the Edit button, then click Delete to delete them.



You can add a new controller/owner by clicking +Add.

Top Tip: Make sure the addresses is their personal home addresses, not the school's address.



Amending the Representative details

You aren't able to add a new representative, as you can have only one. However you can click on them to amend the details recorded.

Top Tip: Make sure the addresses noted for the Representative is their personal home addresses, not the school's address.


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