See your leavers or students who have left between two dates

In Arbor, you can view and download a list of your school's leavers (such as year 11s or year 6s), or send communications such as email or SMS.

Looking for a more detailed report with dates of birth? Try our report: Report of leavers who left your school last year


You'll need the Student Profile: Enrolment: View All Students to view the leavers page. If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


On the Students > All Students > Browse Students > Leavers page, you can see students that have left your school since the beginning of the current academic year. You'll see their year group, leaving date, the reason for leaving and destination.

Please note that for 'Destination' to be filled in, you'll need to have either set their destination school when they were off-rolled or added it to their profile in the 'Education & Employment History' section, with the expected started date at the new school included.

Clicking the filters at the top of the screen allows you to select relevant dates and specific un-enrolment reasons to filter for.



You can bulk select multiple students to perform a variety of actions such as sending communications: Contact leavers - Send communications to students who have left your school

Please see the article above if you aren't able to send communications to students who left last year.

You can also click a student's name to be taken to their student profile.


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