Do I need to enter candidates into an award and unit?

How do awards and units work together?

The award is the over-arching qualification. The grade students achieve in each unit contributes to their overall Award grade.

As the units contain the information for the exams and when they take place, you need to enter students into both:

  • the units - so they are entered for the exams
  • the award - so they are entered into the award itself in order to be awarded the qualification

Students entered into units are not automatically entered into the award - you need to actually enter them for both if you want them to be entered into both. You can see how to make entries here: Making entries in Arbor

Do we have to enter into both?

Sometimes students are entered into units over a number of years, with the award entry coming at the end of their time in school. In this case, you can manage entries into awards and units separately.

Some awards are calculated using the best marks from only some of the units rather than all of them. So you would need to wait to 'cash in' the grades for the units until all units have been completed, in order for your student to be given the best mark possible.

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