I can't select the right series when entering candidates

There are a few different reasons why you might not be able to add a series when entering students into exams in Arbor. Make sure you work through each step below before getting in touch with our support team.

Step 1 - Check your slide over selection

When entering students, make sure you have selected an Awarding Organisation, Scheme (for EDI exams) and Award or Learning Unit in the slide over. If you don't you won't be able to select a series.

When entering your students into BTECs, ensure you select the appropriate 7B series. This will usually be 7B and then the last two digits of the calendar year - for example, 7B20 was the series for summer 2020 and 7B21 will be the series for summer 2021.



Step 2 - Check your Qualifications

Check which qualifications you've subscribed to from the Qualification Offering page.

If you don't see the award you're trying to enter candidates into here, you'll need to add it.



Step 3 - Check the basedata has been released

Check the Awarding Organisation's website to make sure the basedata has been released. You should be able to make entries in Arbor the day after the basedata is released.

As BTEC awards are centre-specific, you'll need to get the basedata from the awarding body and upload it following these instructions: Import your basedata

Step 4 - Check what you're subscribed to

Click the award on the Qualification Offering page. Check you've ticked all the awards and learning units you'll be entering candidates into, then scroll down and click Save Offering. If you don't see the right learning units to tick, see the next step.




Step 5 - Manually link awards and units

Sometimes the basedata might not automatically link the units to the award. If you're expecting units but they're not linked to the award, add the units to the Qualification Offering page in the same way you'd add an award.



Return to the award, and manually link it to the units.



Step 6 - Check you've linked the units to the right award

If you've completed step 4 but can't make entries, you might have linked the units with the wrong award or the award with the wrong units. Go back and double-check you've linked them to the right ones.



Step 7 - Contact us

If you've checked all the settings shown in steps 1-6 above, but still can't make entries on the Entries by Student Group page, contact the Arbor Support Team if supported by Arbor, or your Support Partner if not supported by Arbor.

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