I can't select students who have left to enter them into exams or resits

At the end of the academic year, your leavers would have been unenrolled.

You need to set up a custom group to be able to enter unenrolled students for resits. Make sure you work through each step below before getting in touch with our support team.

Step 1 - Set up a custom group for this year

Go to Students > Enrolment > Custom Groups and click the green button.



In the slide over, add in the custom group name and select that it could contain All students. This ensures you can add past students to it. 



Step 2 - Add students from a custom report showing last year's students

Go to School > Custom Report Writer and select to create a new report. Select that the report is about students.

Set the date range as this academic year, then click Skip setup wizard, no need to add any further columns.

You can add a filter so your report will only show last year's year 11s.




Click toSave & Viewyour report, then tick the students who are doing retakes and click the Bulk action button to selectAdd to Custom Group.



In the slide over, use the top option to add them to the custom group you already set up.



Then click the More button and you can see the student in your custom group.



Step 3 - Enter your candidates

If you return to the Entries by Student Group page, you can select your custom group in the filters.

You'll then be able to enter the candidates. If you can't make sure you've checked these steps: I can't select the right series when entering candidates



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