Reject EDI Entry files

Once you have generated an EDI Entries or Amendments file and submitted it to the Awarding Organisation, they may reply to say they reject the file.

Why is my entry file being rejected by the Awarding Organisation?

Please check the filename of the entries file. Check the file name looks something like this: E0000010.X01

If the filename has ‘(1)’ at the end, it’s likely because the file was downloaded twice. In this case, please rename the file, or check to see if another version of the file has been downloaded.

What if we need to reject the file?

You'll need to contact the Arbor Support Team or your Support Partner if you think you need to reject an EDI file, as rejecting a file should only be done in very rare circumstances.

We can also change an Amendments file into an Entries file if needed.

The effects of rejecting a file are as follows:

  • All entries within the file will be marked as 'Entry Rejected'. This is the equivalent of the entries being withdrawn. Any candidate entries that are required will need to be manually recreated - so you would need to re-enter all required candidates entries that were included in the rejected file.
  • If the EDI file is an Entries file, this will be treated as unsuitable for use - so the next file you generate for the series will be a replacement Entries file.
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