My Classroom - the all-in-one classroom management tool

What is My Classroom?

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My Classroom brings seating plans, registers, assessment data and behaviour management into one place for the first time, giving you your time back to focus on teaching and learning. Create interactive seating plans using easy drag-and-drop seats, then add attendance and behaviour points directly onto your plan throughout your lesson on a tablet or on your desktop.

There's no more need to rely on paper, excel spreadsheets seating plans or third parties, which are not shareable, hard to edit and require time-consuming data entry. My Classroom is built into Arbor, giving you access to photos and contextual data about each of your students right when you need it, plus everything you capture in My Classroom shows up on student profiles straight away.

My Classroom is available to teachers from the Lesson Dashboard, so they can set up their layouts and seating plans at any time before using My Classroom 'on the ground'. Your colleagues can see and use your plans too.

Here are our top 5 reasons to use My Classroom:

  1. Best of breed - My Classroom is the most comprehensive classroom management tool available in any MIS, with seating, attendance and behaviour all included. 
  2. All in one place - See all data about your students in your seating plan, directly in Arbor
  3. Spend less time on admin - Use a behaviour management tool which helps you complete admin (e.g. assign behaviour points) in real-time
  4. Take attendance faster - We provide a more visual, less disruptive way to take the register 
  5. Easy-to-use - Use our drag and drop tool to design a plan reflecting your actual classroom


Introduction to the My Classroom pages

My Classroom is split between four pages.

On the classroom layout page you can:

  • Set up the layout of the seats in your classroom
  • Set up more than one layout allowing you to switch between seating plans during your class



On the seating plan page you can:

  • Create and name a new seating plan
  • Create multiple seating plans for one layout to reuse layouts for other lessons taught in the same room
  • Assign students to each seat



On the My Classroom page you can:

  • View student’s demographic information
  • Take attendance visually
  • Add behaviour incidents and points
  • View attainment information



On the Student view page you can:

  • Click the three dots to choose whether to show or hide student photos
  • Hide demographic and attainment data
  • Only show the student’s names and behaviour totals
  • Use the Student Picker



Who can use My Classroom?

My Classroom is included in our newest Perform package. All other Arbor packages won’t have this feature by default. 

Want to upgrade or find out what package you’re on? Just get in contact with your Account Manager.

Once you’ve enabled My Classroom, let your staff know that they can start using My Classroom. You can still take attendance by clicking Take Register instead. My Classroom is available to any staff member with access to a Lesson Dashboard, which includes:

  • Teaching Assistants who have been assigned to the specific timetable slots
  • Teachers, academic leads and form tutors of the selected class
  • Cover Staff and Supply Teachers
  • Administrators, SLT and Attendance Officers


How do we enable My Classroom?

  1. Read the instructions in the Switching on Guide for how to turn My Classroom on at your school and make sure your settings are correct.
  2. Let your staff know that you'll be switching on My Classroom and then actually enable it.
  3. Send your staff the instructions for using My Classroom so they can set up their room layouts and seating plans before they start using My Classroom: Get to and open My Classroom
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  • Hi I got sent this from my child's school but not sure how to find out things for it

  • Hi Michelle, My Classroom is not available for guardians to use, as it's made for teachers to help manage their classrooms. We'd recommend getting in touch with your school to ask why they've sent you to this resource.


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