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This article covers how to switch on My Classroom for your school. You can view more details about My Classroom here: My Classroom - the all-in-one classroom management tool

If your school is already on our newest Perform package, you can get started today - once you switch on my classroom teachers will be able to use it by clicking the My Classroom button on their Lesson Dashboards.


To manage whether My Classroom is on or off at your school, and to be able to set top behaviour types you’ll need the School: Action: General Admin: Administer permission.

If you use Arbor’s standard business role permissions, Administrators, (Assistant/Deputy/Executive) Head Teachers, Bursar/Business Managers, Data Managers, and Senior Management Team will have this permission by default. If you need to give someone else this permission, follow these instructions.


How to switch on My Classroom

Step 1 - Check all classes have been given a room

As layouts are saved against the room the class is in, you can only set up a layout if a location has been added to the timetable slot.

If the lesson does not have a location, the My Classroom button will be unclickable so teachers won’t be able to use My Classroom for that lesson.

To ensure your teachers can use My Classroom, double-check all classes have been allocated a room using the School > Timetable > Timetable Administration > Timetable Slots page. If you need to allocate a lesson to a room, follow the instructions in the Moving a class to a different room permanently section of this article.



Step 2 (optional) - Set priority behaviour types for My Classroom

When logging a behaviour incident in My Classroom, you can choose any incident type by searching in the box. If your school has identified some common behaviours such as ‘Disruption in class’ or ‘Great contribution in class’, you can set them as priority behaviour types to be shown first to teachers when logging an incident.



Just go to Students > Behaviour > Setup > Types tab, then click the behaviour type and select Yes in the slide-over.

You can only set a maximum of 6 behaviour types to be shown first, but the rest will still be available using the search bar when logging an incident.



Step 3 - Switch on My Classroom

My Classroom is switched off by default and you won’t be able to access My Classroom from lesson dashboards.



To switch on My Classroom, go to School > Programmes > Lesson Settings and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Click the Show My Classroom setting to Show My Classroom on lesson dashboard then click Save Changes.



My Classroom will then be available from lesson dashboards.


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