Add, edit and delete student and guardian postal addresses

In this article, you can see how to add new postal addresses for students and their guardians.

To mark students and guardians as living together, their logged addresses must be absolutely identical, including any punctuation and spaces. You can see how to do this here.

Adding a postal address

When adding a new guardian

Add a new guardian by clicking +Add in the Contacts section on the student's profile.



When you are adding the new guardian, you have the option to select the student's address (this will automatically give them the same address as the student) or to add a different address.




To add the guardian with a new address, and add the address as an additional student address, select to add a different address.



Tick the box to also add the address to the student.



The student will then have two addresses.



If you do not tick this box, the student will not be given an additional address, and the student and guardian will not be marked as living together.



Adding a new address for a student

Click +Add in the Student Contact Details section.



Select to add a postal address.



Add the address details, and select whether to also add the address to the guardian.



Adding a new address for a guardian

Please note: If the guardian lives with a student, please use the instructions above to amend the address from the student's profile.

To amend a guardian's address when they don't live with a student, go to the guardian's profile.

Click on the address in the Contact Details section.

  • Click Move House if the old address is correct and you need to add a new address.
  • Click Correct Mistake or Delete Address if the current details are wrong.

Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 14.13.38.png


You can add a new address by clicking +Add in the Contact Details area and selecting Postal address.

Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 14.10.55.png


Add the address, and leave the Lives here too box unticked.

Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 14.11.55.png


Changing addresses for the student

If the student has moved house

If a student is moving house, click the student's address and click Move house in the slide over.




You can then select which guardians to also move house.



If the address needs to be corrected

Click the address on the student's profile.



In the slide over, select Correct Mistake or Delete Address.



Add in the address details and click Save Changes. The guardian's address listed will also be updated.



Managing postal addresses in bulk

Seeing a list of all student addresses and how many addresses each student has

You can see how many current addresses a student has by going to Students > All Students > Bulk Update > Student Contact Details.

Any students with none or multiple addresses will be flagged to you.



To show only students with more than one address, add a filter to your table.



Click the field to add a missing address, move house or correct a mistake.



Where can we see and fix errors in postal addresses?

You can use the Contact Details areas in the Data Quality Dashboard - you can see how here: How do we fix errors in Postal Addresses?

Can we delete postal addresses in bulk?

There isn't a way to bulk remove postal addresses. You will need to go into each individual profile, and delete the postal address from there.



Can we choose a default postal addresses?

There isn't the concept of 'main' and 'other' address, so it wouldn't be possible to order addresses on the student profile to have the default at the top.

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