Using the Single Central Record (SCR) on the MAT MIS

All institutions should keep staff records up to date to make sure all checks and precautions have been made to keep their students safe. Similar to the SCR on School sites, Arbor has a dedicated page on the MAT MIS that collates the key information you need to check in one report, for all of your schools and your MAT MIS staff.


  • You need the Group Staff: HR: Basic Details: View All Staff permission to access this page and view the data.
  • You need the Administer All Staff permission to edit your MAT staff details or change the SCR settings.


How does the SCR work?

Which staff members show on the SCR?

The SCR will show staff members that have been added to your MAT MIS site who have an active business role today.

It will also show school staff:

  • staff members that have been added to a school MIS site
  • for schools that are linked to your MAT MIS with an active Data Sharing Agreement
  • who have an active business role today

This means that if you have staff set up on multiple schools, or on both the school and MAT MIS, you will have more than one row in the report for them. Use the Institution column to identify which profile you're looking at.

The SCR will not show staff who have not been added to any of your sites as a staff member - see how to add missing staff to school sites here, to your MAT site here, and how to add volunteers, governors, contractors supply teachers and third party staff here.


Can we change the columns in the SCR?

Go to Group Staff > Single Central Record and go to Settings in the left-hand menu.

Add additional columns in Staff Information to Show:

  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Ethnicity
  • Sex
  • Job Title
  • Payroll Number
  • QTS held?
  • Staff number

You can also add columns for other checks, such as Academic Qualifications, CRB, first aid etc. Just add these and click Add column(s).



For additional details, you can also select using the tick boxes whether to include the name of the staff member who authenticated the check, the Check Reference Number and a count of how many school defined checks the staff member has at the far right of the table.




Top Tip: Ensure you click Save Changes to have your settings apply to the SCR.



Using and updating the MAT SCR

To view the MAT MIS Single Central Record, go to Group Staff > Single Central Record. From here you can:

  • download, filter or change the display of the table
  • jump to a staff member's profile to add or correct information - more details below
  • tick the boxes next to staff and click the Bulk action button to send them an email



By default when you first open this page, all current staff at your schools and at your MAT will be shown. Click into the filters to look at:



We'll colour in red where there's any missing information, or when a check has expired.



You can update any details by clicking on the cell.

When you click on a MAT staff member, you'll be taken to their staff profile on the MAT MIS where you can edit the information. To add a check, click +Add in the Qualifications & Checks section. There isn't a way to update checks for MAT staff in bulk.



When you click on a school staff member, a slide over will open where you can see more details about them. If you have permission to log in to the school the staff member works at, you can click the View staff profile button. You'll be taken to their staff profile on their school site, where you can add or update information.

Check details come from what's recorded on the school site in Checks.


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