Viewing and reporting on Possible Session Attendance for students

Using the Attendance Certificate

You can view possible sessions of attendance (the total number of AM and PM statutory roll call sessions attended) via the student’s attendance certificate. We have more information on Attendance Certificates here.

Head to the student’s profile. On the left click Attendance > Attendance Certificate then Download Attendance Certificate




Using the Custom Report Writer

Click the link at the bottom of this article to download our report, then follow our upload instructions here

Using the report, you can see how many sessions a student has attended, compared with how many they have been marked absent for. When we add these totals together this will give us a total number of sessions in which a student could attend.



The Total Possible Sessions column is a calculation field, and you will need to add the calculation. To do this, Edit your report. Click the pencil icon for the Total possible column.



In the slide over, remove the text in the Formula field, and add in the new formula using the merge fields. Then your report will display the correct totals.



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