How can we send Attendance Certificates to guardians?

If you want to print attendance certificates in bulk, or for one student, you can see how to do this here: Print Attendance Certificates for groups or individual students

To share them online rather than printing them out and manually handing them out, we recommend you use the Parent Portal or Parent App. You can see how guardians can download the attendance certificate for their child here: Attendance on the Parent Portal and Parent App

If you don't want to use this at your school, you'll need to download each Attendance Certificate individually, or split the bulk PDF using an external tool. You then have a few options to share them :

  1. Use our External Report Cards feature.
  2. Upload passwords or links into Arbor as User-defined fields and create a custom report, then send the details to students via a Mail Merge email.
  3. Share them outside of Arbor using email from a Sharepoint.

Please note we are unable to support with third-party systems, but feel free to jump over to the Community to chat to other schools.

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