How do I analyse attendance for clubs?

Attendance analysis for clubs works differently than for normal lesson registers because clubs do not feed into your statutory roll call marks. As such, you won't be able to report on club attendance in the same way (such as through the Students > Attendance > Statistics page). Instead, you'll need to collect your attendance data and calculate the percentage outside of Arbor.

First, make sure the club has been set up to take attendance, and that attendance marks have been input - you can see how to do this here: Taking attendance for a Club

Next, go to School > Activities > Clubs. Select the club, then go to Club Daily Summary from the left-hand menu. This will show you how many students were signed up, and you can count up how many students were present. 

You can then do the following calculation: (Students Present divided by Total Students expected) x 100

For example, if 4 students were signed up, 3 were present and 1 was absent, so 3 ÷ 4 = 0.75

0.75 x 100 = 75% of students were present for this session

You could do this for multiple sessions over a week and then calculate an average for that week.

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  • I have 63 clubs and need to know which students are attending which clubs on a regular basis and also which are PP students, so to do an analysis of this is going to be time-consuming if the only way is to download each individual day for each club.  There must be a better way to get this data - can a custom report pick up this data more effectively?

  • Hi Penny, thanks for your comment. I'm afraid this is the best way we've found for analysing club attendance. As club attendance doesn't contribute towards statutory attendance, there isn't the same requirement across all schools for in-depth reporting. 

  • Just thought I would let you know that OFSTED are inspecting SRWA at the moment and they really wanted some analysis on club attendance and uptake of PP students in them etc.
    Unfortunately, as you have previously told me, Arbor does not yet offer an easy way to pull this data out and analyse it.  Even though we mark attendance to sessions of clubs there is no spreadsheet or report option to review complete attendance since September.
  • Hi Penny, I appreciate OFSTED is visiting, however, this is still the case. If you'd like to submit this as feedback to our team you can do so here

    We have further guidance to help with OFSTED here.

  • I'm also very surprised to find there's no way to get an overview of attendance to a club over several weeks. I can't believe it's that difficult to see? Surely enough users of the clubs function will want to see attendance over time? Getting a percentage attendance for the cohort is useless to me - I need to see which students attended on which days as I run a DofE group and need to know what training the individuals have missed. Viewing this week by week is a pain especially when the ability to view students' long-term attendance to my academic lessons is so easy to use? 

    Please can this be seriously considered as a future function to add to Clubs?!

  • Hi Tom, I appreciate this is important to you, however our product team does not monitor the Help Centre. To submit your feedback, please do so here


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