Check who changed student attendance marks using the audit log

If you need to check who updated or added in an attendance mark for a student, you can do this from their student profile. Please note that it is not possible to audit attendance mark changes for multiple students in bulk.


Go to their student profile and select Attendance > Audit History from the left-hand menu.

You can see a report that shows who changed each attendance mark, and when that change happened, but not where that change was made (e.g. in the register or on the Bulk attendance page). In this example, you can see that:

  • the first mark was put in when the register was opened. This is because a planned absence was added.
  • the mark was then changed to present.



You can use this page to get back a mark that has been deleted, fill in a missing mark, or change an incorrect mark. Just select the mark to change, then click Edit to update it.

You can also amend attendance marks from other pages - see how to do this here: Amending an attendance mark



Add in the right mark and any notes, then click Save Changes.



The mark will then be updated, and you'll see a new record showing the mark was amended by you.


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