Error 2335

Permanent exclusion appears for pupil still on roll.

Arbor Solution:

  1. Go to the student's profile;
  2. Click on Behaviour on the left;
  3. Click on the tab for Exclusions;
  4. Review the exclusions recorded for the student. If you're unsure whether an exclusion should be recorded for the student or for which dates, please contact the DfE for further guidance.

Now check the student enrolment:

  1. Click on Enrolment on the left;
  2. Click on the most recent enrolment;
  3. Click on the option to Unenrol Student and fill out the relevant information;
  4. If the student has already been unenrolled, make sure the end date of their enrolment is the same as the start date of the exclusion.

If the Exclusion Review Process is still ongoing for the student (they have a recorded Permanent Exclusion, but it has not yet been reviewed so they're still officially on roll), you'll need to edit the exclusion and select Do Not Return in School Census.

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 08.52.15.png

There's more information about Permanent Exclusions in this article: Recording and Viewing Permanent Exclusions and Reviews.

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