Can I add an internal exclusion across more than one day?

When setting up Internal Exclusion types, you aren't able to set up Internal Exclusion types that span more than one day. You can only define the times the session should run each day. We find most schools set up a Morning, Afternoon and All Day Internal Exclusion type.

Because of this, when recording an internal exclusion, you have to add each internal exclusion for each day. It is not possible to record one internal exclusion that spans more than one day, as students cannot be in an internal exclusion overnight.

For example, if a student had an internal exclusion from the afternoon on Wednesday to the end of the morning on Thursday, you will need to record two internal exclusions, one for the afternoon, and one for the morning. In your statistics, this will count as two internal exclusions.

You can see how to record an internal exclusion in the past or future here: Adding a student to an Internal Exclusion


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