Arbor Suspension and Exclusion Reasons mapping to DfE codes

When recording Permanent Exclusions and Suspensions, you need to add a reason.



How Reasons map to DfE Export Codes

We often get asked why we have more options than the DfE's list. The reason for this is so you have more granularity in recording and reporting at your school, but in the background of Arbor, we map our list to the DfE Export Codes.

Please note that this is a list for UK DfE schools. For Isle of Man schools or schools completing the ILR, please contact us if you require a list.

Here is a list of how reasons in Arbor map to the DfE Export code:

  • Abuse against sexual orientation and gender identity - LG
  • Abuse relating to disability - DS
  • Alcohol related - DA
  • Arson - DM
  • Bullying - BU
  • Challenging/unacceptable behaviour - DB
  • Damage - DM
  • Disobedience/disrespect to staff - DB
  • Drug dealing - DA
  • Drug related - DA
  • Graffiti/obscene drawing - DM
  • Hair/dress not in school code - DB
  • Inappropriate use of social media or online technology - MT
  • Indecent exposure - SM
  • Lewd behaviour - SM
  • Non-acceptance of school code of conduct - DB
  • Non-attendance at detentions - DB
  • Persistent disruptive behaviour - DB
  • Physical assault/violent behaviour against a pupil - PP
  • Physical assault/violent behaviour against an adult or staff - PA
  • Racist abuse - RA
  • Refusal of punishment - DB
  • Selling/dealing in stolen property - TH
  • Setting off fire alarm - DB
  • Sexual abuse - SM
  • Sexual bullying - SM
  • Sexual graffiti - SM
  • Sexual harassment - SM
  • Sexual misconduct - SM
  • Sexual/indecent assault - SM
  • Smoking - DA
  • Stealing from local shops on school trip - TH
  • Stealing personal property - TH
  • Stealing school property - TH
  • Substance abuse - DA
  • Theft - TH
  • Truancy/absconding from lessons - DB
  • Use or threat of use of an offensive weapon or prohibited item (incl. possession) - OW
  • Vandalism - DM
  • Verbal abuse/threatening behaviour against a pupil - VP
  • Verbal abuse/threatening behaviour against an adult or staff - VA
  • Wilful and repeated transgression of protective measures in place to protect public health - PH

Reporting on the codes

When creating a report in the Custom Report Writer, you can choose how to display your reasons. In the slide over settings for the suspension reason(s) slide over, you can choose to display the reasons using the text, the code or the DfE label.

You can do this using:

  • the Suspension Reasons field for only the reasons for this suspension
  • the Suspension reason(s) field for all reasons this student has been suspended


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