Why is an exclusion showing as 0 sessions and 0 days or an incorrect number?

Step 1 - Check if the exclusion was migrated

If this information was migrated from your previous MIS into Arbor, not created in Arbor, the number of sessions and days missed are not automatically filled in. You can see how to resolve this here: How do we migrate Exclusions and Suspensions?

Step 2 - Check the exclusion

When logging an exclusion in Arbor, you need to specify which statutory roll call sessions the student will be excluded for. You can edit the exclusion if these weren't specified when it was added.

Step 3 - Check the attendance mark used

Students should be marked with the E attendance code when they are excluded. If the students haven't been marked properly, you can amend their marks or add a planned absence to fill in the registers with the E code.

Step 4 - Match up your timetable

If you've tried the above three steps and it still isn't pulling through the correct number of sessions and days, this might be due to when your roll call times are scheduled to be.

You could choose to set your roll call start times to be the same as your lesson start times to resolve this. You can see more information on roll call times and how to edit them here.

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