Custom Report won't load, is broken or not working

Sometimes you might find that you can't view or open a custom report you've made in Arbor.

You might get an error message instead of seeing the report. You might get the error message '504 Gateway'. 

This error message usually appears if your custom report is too large to be displayed within Arbor. This can happen if you have a large date range or lots of columns/rows in your report. We most often see this with reports about Behaviour over a whole academic year, but it can happen with other very large reports. 

How can I view my report if this happens?

If you experience an error when trying to view your report you have two options. 

Option 1 - Download the report and view it outside of Arbor

With this option, you'll need to download your report to your computer, perhaps as an Excel file to view. 

Go to School > Custom Report WriterFind your report in the list and tick the box to the left of the report. 

Next, click the grey Download button at the top of the list, and select the file type you want to download the report as in the drop-down that appears. 

Open the report on your computer once it downloads (it will most likely be in your Downloads folder on your computer). 



Option 2 - Edit the report content

You can edit the report without opening it in Arbor. You'll want to edit it so that it contains less data, then view it in Arbor as normal. 

To do this, navigate to School > Custom Report Writer

Find your report in the list but do not click on it.

Tick the box to the left of it. Click the Edit button.



You will see that you're now on the Edit page for the report. You'll want to edit the overall date range and column date ranges so that your report covers a more manageable amount of data.

For example, you can add a filter to your whole report for year group (and then copy your report so you have one for each year). 



Remember to click Save & View Report when you're ready to test whether or not you've edited the dates sufficiently. 

For more tips on making custom reports see our article on Viewing, editing or deleting a report.


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