Which staff are classed as Teacher, Leadership, Classroom Support, Non-Classroom Support and External?

For certain actions such as assigning cover, staff are categorised into different groups - Teacher, Leadership, Classroom Support and Non-Classroom Support. This is different to how staff are characterised as teaching staff.



What a staff member is categorised as is based on the business roles allocated to them, as listed below. This means that if staff have more than one business role, they could appear in multiple categories.

It is not possible to change which category business roles fall into.


  • Head of Department
  • Head of Faculty
  • Head of House
  • Head of Year
  • Teacher


  • Assistant Head Teacher
  • Deputy Head Teacher
  • Executive Head Teacher
  • Head Teacher
  • Senior Management Team

Classroom Support

  • Art/Design Technician
  • Creative Arts Specialist
  • Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Instructor (including sports coach)
  • Language Support
  • Learning Mentor
  • Learning Support Assistant (for SEN pupils)
  • Literacy Worker
  • Minority Ethnic Support
  • Music Tutor
  • Nursery Assistant
  • Nursery Nurse
  • Peripatetic Teacher
  • Science Technician
  • Supply Teacher
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Technology Technician
  • Traveller Support
  • Youth Worker

Non-Classroom Support

  • Administration Assistant
  • Admissions Officer
  • Advisory Teacher
  • Assessment Coordinator
  • Attendance Officer
  • Behaviour Manager/Specialist
  • Bursar/Business Manager
  • Careers Advisor
  • Childcare Officer
  • Cleaner
  • Cook
  • Cover Manager
  • Child Protection Liaison Officer
  • Curricular Manager
  • Data Manager/Analyst
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Education Welfare Officer
  • Exams Officer
  • Exam Invigilator
  • Fees Clerk
  • Finance Officer
  • Gifted And Talented Coordinator
  • Personal Assistant to Headteacher
  • Human Resources Administrator
  • ICT Manager
  • ICT Technician
  • Librarian
  • Maintenance Officer
  • Midday Assistant
  • Midday Supervisor
  • Nurse
  • Other Catering Staff
  • Pastoral Manager
  • Premises Manager
  • Receptionist
  • Reprographics Technician
  • School Administrator
  • SEN Co-ordinator
  • Therapist
  • Timetabler
  • Welfare Assistant

Are there any business roles that don't fall into these categories?

These are the roles that are classed as External. When assigning cover, staff with these business roles (and no other business roles) will not appear in the staff list to select.

On the School MIS:

  • Governing body member
  • External Auditor
  • External Manager
  • Local Authority Official

On the MAT MIS:

  • External Advisor
  • Education Welfare Officer
  • Trustee
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