Students are in the wrong year group or registration form for next year

Please note: This process will only work before the new academic year begins. Once the new year has started, you'll need to use these instructions: Moving students for registration forms or this article for year groups.


When checking over your new school year setup, you may spot that some students have not been moved up correctly to the year group or registration form they should be in next year. There isn't a way to reverse promotion, so you will need to manually move students into the right place.

Students can be in the wrong place when you:

  • Didn't select a year group or registration form to promote the students in to
  • Accidentally promoted students into the year group or registration form they are already in this current academic year. For example, you've promoted your nursery class into your nursery class again for next year.



How do I move students into the right year group or registration form?

You just need to tweak the enrolments so they're enrolled in the right year group and registration form.

Go to School > School Structure > School Year Setup and select Step 3.

Select step 5 to tweak year group enrolments or step 7 to tweak registration form enrolments.



When tweaking Year Group enrolments, select the Year Group to move them into.



When tweaking Registration enrolments, choose the year group from the drop-down menu, then select the registration form to move them into.

Depending on how you've promoted your students incorrectly, you may not be able to select the right registration form from here. This is because you can only transfer students to registration forms that are linked to the same year group.



Instead, click Review School Year Setup from the left-hand menu and click into the Review enrolments for next academic year section.



You'll then be able to move students into any combination of year group and registration form.



Still can't select the registration form?

To be able to select a registration form from 7. Review and tweak registration form enrolments, you need to have added the registration form and linked it to the right year groups.

Click +Add to add a new registration form if needed, or click into it to check the year groups.



When adding registration forms, be sure to select all the year groups that could have students in the registration form.


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