What makes a student full or part-time?

You may have students who are not compulsory school age, and so aren't required to attend your school morning and afternoon 5 days a week, such as Nursery or Post-16 students. It's especially important for primary schools to know which of their students are part-time for the census, and to be able to accurately input students' funded hours.

  • If the student attends 5 am and 5 pm registration sessions at your school (10 in total, one am and one pm each day), they are classed as full-time.
  • If the student attends less than 10 sessions a week, they are classed as part-time.

The number of hours spent in school, or receiving teaching does not impact whether a student is classed as full-time or part-time.

The easiest way to see where students are enrolled is to use the Students > Enrolment > Courses > Bulk Enrolment page (you can see how to use this page here). In this example, you can see my nursery am and pm registration sessions for the full week. Keith would class as part-time.


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