Bcc in Arbor - can recipients see who else an email has been sent to?

Depending on where you're sending an email from, users will be blind copied into the email.


  • If you only have the Send and administer school communications: Administer permission, you'll only be able to Bcc other staff.
  • If you also have the Communications: Administer All Students permission, you can Bcc in students or guardians.

If you don't have permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.

Sending a Mail Merge

From most places in Arbor, such as when sending mail merge emails, the 'To' field acts as a bcc so recipients can't see other’s email addresses.



Sending from a profile

However, when you click the Communications / Notes button to send an email from a Student, Staff or Guardian Profile, there are two fields:

  • The To field acts as a Cc field so recipients can see other’s email addresses.
  • The Bcc field acts like the To field does when sending a Mail Merge - recipients can't see other’s email addresses.

Recipients will auto-populate the Bcc field rather, but you can remove them and add them to the To field if required.

If you can only message staff, you'll see the Bcc Staff field. If you can message students, guardians and staff, this field will just be called Bcc.


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