How are contact phone and mobile numbers ordered?

The order that contact details appear in depend on where you're viewing them from.

Emergency contacts on student profiles

For emergency contact details on a student's profile, the guardian's mobile number will automatically be used as the emergency contact number. There isn't a way to edit this.

  • If the guardians are both Priority 1, the guardians will be in the order they were added to Arbor, so there isn't a way to move one guardian above the other (aside from setting one as Priority 2). You can see further details here: Changing the order of the Emergency Contacts on the right-hand side of the student profile
  • If the guardian has two mobile numbers, the first number added to Arbor will be used as the emergency contact number. You can see how to change this in the section below.



Contact details sections

Elsewhere in Arbor, the order is based on the order they were added to Arbor - the first number added will be at the top of the list. Here are the contact details on the father's (Lewis Adams') profile.



To make a certain number show at the top of this list, you'll need to:

  1. make a note of all the phone numbers
  2. delete them from the profile - please note that you must delete all the numbers recorded
  3. re-add them in the order you want them to appear - if the guardian has two mobile numbers, the one added first will become the Emergency Contact number


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