Why have I been sent an email about In-app messages?

You may receive an email saying that there is a new In-app message from a guardian to read.



Clicking the link will take you right to the message on the School > Communications > All School Communications page.



Click on the message to read it so you can take further action where needed.



If you want to filter communication to only your in-bound In-app messages, go to Inbound In-App Messages from the left-hand menu.



Can we change who this message is sent to?

In your In-app messaging setup, your school chose someone to be notified, either an individual staff member or a set of staff roles or business roles.

  • If you selected a single person, you can change them to a different person.
  • If you selected a business role, you'll need to change the role or select individual staff, as it's not possible to remove staff from the list without removing the business role from their profile.

To change the people the email is sent to, follow the instructions in the Notification of replies section here: Managing In-app messages settings

I can't click the link to read the In-app message

The email will be sent to the person you've set up whether they have the permission to read the In-app message or not.

If the person can't read the message by clicking the link you need to either:

  • change the staff member specified
  • give them the permission to be able to view the messages - you'll need to give them the View school Communications: View permission using these instructions

If they don't have permission to view the Whole School Communications page, when they click the link in the email they will get an error message telling them they don't have the required permissions.


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