Rerouting the school's emails into Arbor and using the Import Emails function

You might find it useful to have all of your school's communications held in one place.  In Arbor, you are able to reroute emails from your school's default email address so that they appear in the communication logs alongside the emails you send and receive directly through Arbor.


To make these changes, you'll need the School: Communications: Administer permission. If you don't have this permission, ask your admin team to assign it to you.


To set this up, go to School > School Details.

In the Imported Email Accounts section, click the green +Add button.



Fill in the details in the slide over, including the school's default email address in the email address field, whether to share emails by default, and who should have access to the inbox.

When you have filled in all the required fields, click the green Create Email Account button.

All replies to emails sent from the school, and any emails sent to this email address, will then appear in the communication logs in School > Communications > All School Communications  > Imported Email.

Please note that setting an action flag is just a note on the communication log. It will not notify anyone when the date of the action is reached or passed.


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