Adding a header or footer to your letters using a layout

A header or footer can be used to customise your letters to add in more information about your school or give your letters that personalised feel.


Go to School > Communications > Letters > Setup Layouts.

If you've already created a layout, you can click it to edit it, or click +Add to add a new one.

When adding a new layout, choose the paper size then click Save Changes.



 First, you can choose the margins, font sizes etc at the top of the page. 



To change any of the settings, just click the field to update it.

For example, you can remove the Address Location entirely if you don't want the recipient's address to appear on the letters that use this layout. 



You'll see a sample of what the first page will like. Click the grey Customize First Page button to edit how the page will display.

There’s also another drop-down further down the page to customize other pages - good for adding a footer!



You can choose to change the header to HTML or an image.

For an image, click this option then in the slide over click the Browse button.



Select the file from your computer, then click Upload.

Note: your file must be a .jpg or .png for the image to upload. If you need to convert a file or image to a JPEG, see this article.


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