Adding a personal signature for communications

You can now upload your signature into Arbor to be used when you generate Mail Merge emails and letters.

Please note that this signature won't be used when sending communications from student, staff or guardian profiles.

Uploading your signature

From your account

Go to My Items > My Account and scroll down to the Personal Signature section.



Click the field to open the slide over. Click Browse to select your file then click Upload Signature.

File format must be .jpg or .png and file size must not be larger than 1MB.

Please note that your signature will be the same dimensions as the file you upload.



From the new Mail Merge creation page

You can also add a signature when setting up a new Mail Merge email or letter. Just click the grey button to select your file.




Using your signature

When generating a Mail Merge email or letter from School > Communications > Email/Letter > New Mail Merge, you can add your signature as a merge field.

Please note: This will only insert your signature. If you are sending from someone else who is not you, this field will still pull in your personal signature, not theirs. As such, if you are sending on someone else's behalf we recommend not using this feature.



The signature will then be inserted. You'll be able to see your signature in each email or letter when you click Proceed.


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