Adding Access Arrangements or SEN needs to the Lesson Dashboard Overview

The Lesson Dashboard Overview is a fantastic area to quickly see contextual information about the students enrolled in your class along with a list of all staff members assigned to the class, behavioural points and incidents. 

Students' needs are not shown by default, but it is easy to add these so you can quickly see the needs of each of your students.


Getting to the Lesson Dashboard

To access the lesson dashboard, click on the lesson in your or another staff member's calendar, or go to Students > Attendance and select the class.


Adding SEN needs to the contextual information

On your lesson dashboard, above your list of students, you should be able to see a drop-down menu titled Contextual Information.

  • Access Arrangements - current Access Arrangements set for the student (excluding In-house Access Arrangements).
  • Pinned notes - this will display pastoral notes, behaviour notes, SEN notes and safeguarding notes. We do not display Child protection notes or any other kind of pinnable note

Simply click whatever column you would like to see, then click Apply, and that context will appear next to student names for this lesson from now on.

If you do not have the ability to add or hide any of these columns yourself, your school has probably chosen to centrally set which columns show as a default. Please ask your school admin staff to change them using these instructions.


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