How to download a student list with SEN and medical needs

You can use the Download Student List feature to download a PDF or Excel list of classes, year groups, specific demographics and many other groups and types of data.  If you need to quickly gather a list of all of your students with SEN and medical needs in one table then this feature is really useful.

In this article, we'll go through using our Student List feature specifically for reporting on SEN. For details on our built-in reports on students with SEN, see this article: Seeing students with Special Educational Needs


Where can I use this feature?

The Download Student List button appears all over the site wherever you might want to quickly get student data, such as in a Trip or in student Students > Enrolment.

You can see a full list of all areas here: Where can I use this feature?


How to download the list

For our list, we are going to head to Students > Enrolment.

You can choose to print a list for the whole school or do this by year or registration form.  To download a list containing all students click on the green Download Student List button from the main page.



To choose a year group or registration form, click into the year or class and then the green Download Student List button.



When you click the Download Student List button, you can choose which data to download into a student list, and in which order.



Use the search on the left-hand side to search for the columns you would like to include in your student list.  Here, I have added SEN Need(s) and Medical Conditions.



To select a column, click the column title and drag and drop it into the Added Columns section on the right-hand side of the page.



When you are happy you have added all the columns you need, you can download the list to Excel or PDF by clicking the green buttons at the bottom of the page!


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