Use custom report writer to print out academic notes for your SEN students

If you need to print a list of academic notes for your SEN students you can easily do this from the Custom Report Writer and have all of your notes in one document. For details on our built-in reports on SEN students, see this article: Seeing students with Special Educational Needs (SEN students)

  1. Head to School > Custom Report Writer and click on the green Create New Report button here and on the next page.
  2. Add a Report Title and click to make your report about Academic Notes.
  3. Click the green Next button to continue with the wizard.
  4. Add the date range you would like to see your notes for.  You can choose from a relative range such as the Current Academic Year or you can set a custom range if you would like to see notes from specific dates.
  5. Click the green button to continue through the next pages until you get to Add Filters.  In the Select filter dropdown box, add SEN? and click the green Set parameters button.



In the slide over, check your date range is correct and the Filter Condition is set to Yes.  Click the green Save button.



Continue to click the green Next button for the next two pages and then finally Save and View Report.  

Don't forget you can download your report in a format of your choice to use outside of Arbor!


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