How can we check our numbers for School led tutoring and funding for the census?

You need to record funding for students to be reported in the census.

It is not possible to check this data in the Census Summary Inspection. This is because the DfE provides the information to us as to which data tables should show in the summary. Even though you cannot see funding information in the summary, it is still reported on in the census.

However, you can report on this in Arbor! You can see which students have been allocated funding types by using:

You can see student funding recorded by creating a report in School > Custom Report Writer. Set the date for census day to show what is output in the census.



Add in the column for Student Funding Types. You can then skip the wizard.



If you want to only see students with a certain type of funding, add the Student Funding Types filter.




The click to save and view your report. Here I can see there is only one student on census day with the School led tutoring funding logged on their profile.


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