Remove withdrawn subjects from students' statement of results

If you have withdrawn students from a qualification, the awarding organisation may still issue a result for them in the results file.

When this happens, a grade such as X will show on the students' statement of results.



For a single student

To remove this from their statement of results, go to the Examinations section of the student's profile. Select Provisional Statement of Results.

As the student has a grade for these qualifications it is currently pulling through to their statement of results. Click on the X grade for the qualifications the student is withdrawn from, then click Edit, then Delete.

This does not delete the entry but just the X result. When downloading the statement of results the qualification will then not be displayed.


For multiple students

Go to Students > Examinations > Results Administration > Manual Entry. Select the qualification, and click into the award or unit entries where the grades are held.

Click into the grades to set them as No Grade.

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