How does our behaviour point scale reset?

The Opening points balance and Opening balance reset cycle determine what happens on the Totals report in Students > Behaviour > Point Awards > Totals. It does not pick how frequently you'd like the points to reset.



Top Tip: If this is the first time you're accessing the page, be sure to click into the filters to select a point award scale.



To view your settings, go to Students > Behaviour > Setup > Point Awards tab, select your scale, and click Edit.





0 is the default setting. When the opening balance is set to 0, the totals on the Totals page will reset back to 0 at the end of each week, term and year.



When the opening balance is set to a number other than 0, selecting the Opening balance reset cycle applies the opening points balance to this cycle. In the example below, the Totals page will display 10 in the Term column at the start of each term, and as the term progresses this number will be 10 higher than the number of points given.



If you don't change the value of the Opening points value, but change the Opening balance reset cycle, your changes won't be saved. When you click back in, they will have reverted to your previous setting.



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