Find your overall staff absence percentage

To calculate a percentage for staff absence, use our template and then calculate the overall number.

Step 1 - Create the report

You can export our template to find out how many staff were employed in the school during this academic year. To do this, just click the link at the bottom of the guide. 

If you want instructions on how to export and import a report template, please view our guide here.

Looking at the staff template, we can see this school have 183 current staff members.



Step 2 - View staff absence stats 

Then you can use the staff absence statistics page to work out how many of those staff members had absences. 

To get to staff absences, go to Staff > All Staff > Absences > Statistics (left side).

Make sure to check you have the correct date ranges, by clicking change to take you into the page filters. From looking at this page, we can see there were 8 staff that had absences. 


Step 3 - Calculate the figure

So to calculate the total percentage of staff who had absences is as follows:

183 (total current staff) divided by 8 (total staff with absences) multiplied by 100 = 2% of staff had absences this academic year.

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