Do cancelled Club Participants still receive communications?

You can send a Mail Merge email from the Communications area by searching in the To box.

This method of communication will include:

  • Students who have a club membership that is active today.
  • Students who were due to attend the club today but have cancelled their membership. 

To communicate with Club Participants for a specific club session (excluding students who are no longer attending), please see Emailing Guardians from a Club.



What happens with different club types?

Paid clubs - The list of Club Participants will show those who have cancelled their memberships with the status of Cancelled

Free clubs - The list does not show cancelled memberships, as there are no invoices to track. But the student will still be considered to be on the list of Club Participants in the background.  


I get a 'This email cannot be sent' message

Please see this article: Why can't I select recipients to send communications to?

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