Why can't I select recipients to send communications to?

You might receive this message when trying to send SMS, emails or in-app messages.

This email cannot be sent - there are no recipients, either because there are no email addresses on file for the chosen recipients, or the recipient group is empty.



Step 1 - Try creating the communication again

In some instances, if you've previously created a draft communication and not sent it, you might not be able to edit the 'to' field. 

To clear the draft and create a new mail merge, just click the Discard draft button at the bottom of the page.


Step 2 - Check contact details

If you are still unable to send the communications, please check that a mobile number/email address has been added for the intended recipients.

You can update emails from School > Data > Data Quality Dashboard > Contact details or use our Bulk import student, guardian or staff email addresses feature. Make sure their main email address is marked as the default on their profile.



Step 3 - Check whether your recipient list is based on a Club

If you are communication with club participants, you can only use a Mail Merge if their membership period has started, as they are not participants until then.

To communicate with Club Participants for a specific club session (excluding students who are no longer attending), please see Emailing Guardians from a Club.


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