Viewing statistics for attendance

The Statistics page is an extremely powerful page you can use to create almost any type of attendance report. Please note: If you want to schedule this report to be sent out, you’ll need to instead set up a custom report.

Go to Students > Attendance > Statistics (in the left-hand menu). By default, a table provides an Analysis by Category Report with an overview of Present, Absent and Late percentage totals from the start of the current academic year.  Using the filters at the top of the page, you can create a report of any student group’s attendance and compare it to other student groups.

Top Tip: Click the Marks header to sort your group from highest attendance to lowest.



Let’s have a look at some of the example reports you can make from the statistics page:

  1. Attendance by demographics - e.g. SEN, Pupil Premium, EAL, gender, FSM etc.
  2. Attendance by year group/reg form/house
  3. Attendance for each individual student
  4. A count of the number of each type of attendance mark

Example report 1: Percentage attendance report by demographics

I want to see the present and absence statistics for each demographic such as FSM, PP, EAL, CLA. I'll need to choose to show data by demographic then click Apply.

You may also like to report on the opposite of the demographics, such as Pupil Premium versus Non-Pupil Premium students - just select Demographics and Inverse instead.




To report on demographics by Year Group, Registration Group etc.. you will need to add a grouping by clicking + and also by. It will then look like this:



Example report 2: Percentage attendance report by student group

You might want to see attendance by student group (such as year group, ethnicity, registration form, class or house), so you can award the group with the highest attendance. Click into the filters and select to show data by... and select the student group such as year group then click Apply.




Example report 3: Attendance for each individual student

To get attendance for each individual student, just select to show data by Student then click Apply.




Example report 4: A count or % of each type of attendance mark

To get a count of the number of each type of attendance mark, take a look at this article: Whole school and student attendance analysis by code

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