Custom Report Writer Superuser

Superuser access allows you to access, edit or delete all custom reports, even if you did not create them and they haven't been shared with you.

Please note that the term 'superuser' only refers to access level in the Custom Report Writer, not in other areas of Arbor.

School MIS users

If you're a Head Teacher who's business role is managed by Arbor, you will have the Custom Report Writer: Superuser Access permission automatically assigned.

You can give this permission to others users as needed - click here to find out how to assign Ad-Hoc permissions to your staff. 

MAT MIS users

The Custom Report Writer: Superuser permission assigned to you on your MAT MIS profile gives you access to:

  • all custom reports in the MAT MIS Custom Report Writer
  • all custom reports in the School MIS Custom Report Writer, on each of your school’s MIS sites that you can log into

Anyone with the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Data Manager business roles has this permission. If you can't access this page, you'll need to ask someone at your MAT to give you a business role that includes the permission, or assign you this permission.


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