Viewing, editing or deleting a report

This article will show you how to edit a report you've already set up.



After creating a custom report you are taken to the view report page. You can also select a report from the School > Custom Report Writer > All Reports page to open, view and edit.



You will be taken to the report overview, where you can see everyone included in the report and take further actions.

  • If a report has been shared or scheduled to run at a certain time then the share and calendar icons will appear beside the report's title at the top of the page.
  • Each report also has a Help section that can be expanded to provide some troubleshooting tips you if need them. 
  • The actions you can perform for the report, for example Edit, Share, Duplicate and Schedule are at the top of the report.



You can click on the name of a person included in the report to see more information about them, and jump to their profile by clicking their name.



On certain reports, such as a report you've set up that is about students, you can tick the boxes next to each person’s name to complete bulk actions.




To edit a report, click into the report then click the Edit button. The edit page allows you to alter settings such as columns, filters, groupings and collation all in one place.

For more detail on filters, see this article: Using AND and OR filters in the Custom Report Writer





Changing column dates

You can change your column date-ranges in bulk - useful when you have many columns and you want to update the date-range of all them at once. Just click the Bulk Change date Ranges button.

In the slide over, tick the boxes of the columns you wish to change the date range for and set the new date range, then click Save Changes.



Hide columns

Choose to hide columns in bulk by clicking Bulk Edit Column Settings.




Only reports that you have created can be deleted. If you wish to delete a report that you did not create, you will need to contact the report owner.

To delete a report, select the report then click the Delete button.


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  • I always get a time out error when ever I try to save and view reports and when I try to schedule a report, I don't receive anything.

  • If would be really useful to have a schedule report run - monthly (instead of just Mon to Sun). Is this a possible addition?

  • Hi @Mark Carter, if you're receiving an error, please send this over to our support team at so we can investigate!

  • Hi @Nicola Broadhurst! As what you'd like isn't currently available in Arbor, you'd need to submit this as feedback to our product team. They regularly review suggestions from our schools. You can submit feedback here.


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