HAP, MAP or LAP prior attainment

You might wish to report on student's prior achievement (also referred to as key stage 2 banding HML) in your assessment analysis, by assigning them one of these statuses:

  • HAP - High achieving pupil
  • MAP - Middle achieving pupil
  • LAP or LPA - low achieving pupil or low prior attainment

We don't have an area in Arbor specifically built for this as it is not a requirement for MISs. However, you can still input this data and use it in your assessments.

To determine whether students would be categorised as LAP, MAP or HAP, you could create a Custom Report based on assessment data, and add a calculated field. You could also export your data for external analysis.

Once you have students categorised, you'll need to record which students are LAP, MAP or HAP using a User Defined Field (UDF). You can choose to show this on all marksheets, or only specific assessments using custom marksheets.

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