Remove redundant attendance marks

Redundant marks are attendance marks that fall outside of the enrolment period for a student.

What should we do with redundant marks?

Redundant marks contribute towards your overall attendance statistics and will show on student attendance certificates, so we recommend removing them.

  • If the student was not registered at your school during the time period they have redundant marks for, you can delete the redundant marks (shown below).
  • If the student was registered at your school, you should edit their enrolment into your school so it covers the marks. You can go to the Enrolment section of their student profile and change their leaving date.



Deleting Redundant marks

If you are sure the marks need to be deleted, go to the student's profile. Use the left-hand menu to go to Attendance > Marks (By Date) > Redundant marks tab.

Select all the marks, then click the blue pencil icon to Delete Redundant Marks.



Confirm your deletion. The student will then only have attendance marks for the time period they were enrolled into your school for.



When you return to the page, the redundant marks tab will be gone.


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