Adding or editing Roll Call times

In Arbor, statutory (also known as Roll Call) AM and PM attendance marks are derived based on the Roll Call times set up on your site. For more information on how the derivation works, please see the following article: What are Roll Calls and how are Roll Call marks calculated?

If you need to adjust your Roll Call Periods in Arbor, just head to Students > Attendance > Admin > Roll Call Setup and follow the steps below.

Please note: You'll only be able to make adjustments between 2 pm and 5 pm.

Changing the times of your existing Roll Call Periods

This should only be done if you realise that there is an error in the start or end time of your currently active Roll Call Periods.

  1. Click into the Roll Call Period that you'd like to adjust, then click Edit.
  2. Set the desired new Register opens time and Register closes time. Please be aware that this will cause a recalculation of all statutory marks in the date range that the Roll Call Time applies to, based on the new open and close time - some registers may no longer be considered when deriving statutory marks. For example, if the time is changed from 08.00-09.30 to 08:45-09:15, a lesson running from 09.15-10.00 would no longer be considered in the calculation of statutory marks. RollCall2.png
Adding a new Roll Call Period

In some cases, you might need to add a new Roll Call Period - for example, if morning registration was changing from 08:30-09:00 to 08:30-08:45, I may wish to add a new Roll Call Period that only covers 08:30-08:45 - preventing Period 1 from influencing the AM statutory mark for students.

  1. To add a new Roll Call Period, click on either Add new AM Period or Add new PM Period.RollCall3.png
  2. Next, set the required Register opens time and Register closes time. You'll also need to set the Effective date to tell Arbor when the new Roll Call Period should become active (Arbor will automatically end the existing Roll Call Period on the day prior to the specified Effective date. End date is only required if you know when the Roll Call Period will no longer be used. Click Add Roll Call Time once you've added the required details.RollCall4.png

Once you've completed these steps, you'll then be able to see the new Roll Call Period in place - Arbor will automatically start using the period once the effective date arrives.RollCall5.png

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