Attendance videos

Introduction to Attendance
Ready to start using attendance in Arbor? Watch this video for a quick overview of the functionality we offer for taking attendance and analysis attendance statistics.
Checking all registers have been taken
If you're an Attendance Officer, you'll want to make sure all your school's registers are completed each day. This video shows how to see any incomplete registers, how to edit marks, and how to email teachers a reminder to complete their registers.
Following up with absent students
You can follow up with guardians by email, text or phone call. Here's how to identify today's absent students and how to follow up with them.
Amending attendance marks
Once you've followed up with any absentees, you might need to amend their attendance marks. If you've got lots of marks to change at once, watch this video to see how to do this in just 5 minutes from our Bulk Edit Marks page.
Identifying Correlated Absentees
Some students will regularly be not present at the same time, perhaps if they are siblings or if they like to bunk off together. On our Correlated/Siblings Absences page you can see any students who have high numbers of similar absences.
Seeing your persistently absent students
Here's how to identify and report on students who are consistently marked absence from school.
Logging and managing planned absences
So that registers will automatically populate with the right attendance codes, you can record a planned absence. Watch this video to see how to record planned absences, and when you should record them.
Seeing your key Attendance Statistics
The Statistics page can be used to create custom reports for attendance split by student group (such as year group, registration form, demographic etc), or add further reporting columns. Have a play around with this page - the options for reporting are almost endless!
Downloading an Emergency Evacuation Register
If you need to evacuate your students, you can quickly download and print a pdf to use when taking attendance.
Sending out custom attendance reports
Although the Statistics page will help you produce most of the reports you'll need, if you want to schedule them to be sent out of Arbor you can use the Custom Report Writer. This video outlines some top tips for creating the reports, where you can find our out-of-the-box reports and how to edit them.
Downloading printable attendance reports
Want to create printable registers, attendance certificates or much more? Watch this video to see how to download them.
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