Entering Exam results in Arbor


Before the Summer Results Day check the A2C Migration Application is working to ensure EDI result files can be downloaded.

EDI result files sent by awarding organisations must be downloaded via the A2C Migration Application, and then imported into Arbor.

Results can also be manually added for non-EDI qualifications.

NOTE: The A2C application has no direct link to Arbor’s Exams Module. This document does not cover the downloading of results files via A2C. Please see their website here for further details.


Importing EDI Results

To import your downloaded EDI results file go to Students > Examinations > Results > Results Import.

Then click on +Add to import a file, this will display a prompt to choose your file.



Click Browse to choose your file and then click Import

Click on the filename to view further details, examine errors, see the raw results and set an Embargo date.



Non-EDI Results

To input your Non-EDI results go to Students > Examinations > Results > Non-EDI Manual Entry.



Click on the qualification you want to enter results for.



Here you can choose to add an Aspect to the subject in bulk or for each individual learning unit.

Click +Add and choose a relevant gradeset.



Once your Aspect, click the learning unit to be able to enter results for the candidates by clicking in the drop-down and choosing the correct option.



You can also add your Embargo date by clicking on the Embargo row and adding a date and time.



Entering coursework marks

Some exams have a coursework element which makes up one (or more) units (pieces) of the course towards the student's qualification.  

Where this unit makes up part of an exam it will appear here Students > Examinations > Coursework > Overview.



Click the exam to enter the candidate grades. Candidates should already be linked to the exam by this stage.



Provisional Statement of Results in bulk

To produce a bulk file for printing navigate to Students > Examinations > Results > Statement of Results.

Here you can choose groups of students, or leave blank to produce results statements for anyone who has a result in this academic year.

You can choose to not show individual qualifications e.g. Short Course RE.



Click Download. This will generate a PDF containing the Statement of Provisional Results for all Student Groups requested (or whole cohort if left blank).

For External Candidates, you can use the drop-down to choose the relevant students and then click Download in the same way.


Provisional Statement of Results for a single student

Navigate to the Student profile and click Examinations on the left menu. Click Provisional Statement of Results.



Click the Download Statement of Results button. This will generate a PDF of results and download them.



Analysis/Exporting Results

To view your results or download them for export into other software go to Students > Examinations > Results > By Subject.

Amend filter dates as needed or leave to show the full academic year.



Use the Download button to save these results to Excel. There are additional columns such as UPN, UCI, Gender included in the download that we do not show on-screen.

To see results for a particular qualification go to Students > Examinations > Results > Per Qualification on the left menu

Click on the green date filters to change the settings and choose from the drop-downs and click Save Changes.



This will show results for the selection qualification(s).


These results can be downloaded using the Download button. There are additional columns such as UPN, UCI, Gender included in the download that we do not show on-screen.



Q: Can I import results from an EDI file if I did not make the entries in Arbor?

A: Yes! You will see a note on the Imported Results window but you do not need to take any further action


Q: I’m getting an error of ‘Results file not Imported. The file must be an EDI result file in format RXXXXXXX.X01’ but I’m definitely trying to import the file I’ve downloaded.

A: Please check the file name - if you’ve downloaded it more than once you may have a (1) appended to the file name. Rename the file and try again.


Q: Where is my results file? I can’t find it on my computer to upload.

A: If you’ve already downloaded your results from the A2C website you’ll need to locate the file - it is usually in a folder called ‘Downloads’ but your IT department may have changed your download destination folder, please contact them for help. If you’ve not yet downloaded your file please go to the A2C website and log in to get it.


Q: Why do I need to set an Embargo date?

A: This should follow your school policy for viewing exam results before results day. Adding an embargo date will prevent people from viewing the results before they are officially released.


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