Submitting a Census

Checking your data

Go to School > Data > Export > Data Returns and select the census. You can either choose to view your Census summary live on your Arbor dashboard using the DfE Census Summary Inspection or download it in PDF format using the Download DfE Summary.

Checking your Census numbers in Arbor

The ability to view your live Census summary without having to download a pdf format means that you can check if any changes are necessary. You can see how to use this here: Census Summary Inspection

Downloading Your PDF Census Summary

To view, download and check your Census Summary on paper you need to navigate to your Census and click on the green Download DfE Summary button on the right-hand side. This will trigger your Census Summary to download from Arbor.



Sending off your completed census

Downloading the census file

To submit your census, you need to firstly download your completed census out of Arbor. Click on the green Download Census button on the right-hand side of your census to download it.



When you download the Census, the XML file will automatically save to your computer.

We are unable to advise you where this will have saved as it will depend on the configuration of your computer, but this will most likely be set to save in your Downloads folder by default.

Do not open the file!



Uploading the Census

Once the Census is downloaded out of Arbor, it is your responsibility to upload it to your LA or the DfE.

If submitting to the DfE, your school will need a COLLECT username and password to upload your Census document to the COLLECT portal.

We recommend you log in to COLLECT in advance of the Census deadline day as the DfE is likely to experience a high volume of requests close to deadline day and you may risk missing the Census deadline.

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