Can parents log into the Parent Portal or Arbor App before we send out login details?

Accounts for guardians are set up when you create the guardian profile, not when a guardian logs in for the first time. When you send guardians a welcome email, this tells them that you have enabled the Parent Portal and Arbor App, and that you would like them to log into their account - they just need to create a password.

It is possible for a guardian to attempt to log in before you send out the welcome email. This can happen if:

  • the guardian has a child at another school using Arbor, so already knows how to access the generic login page at
  • the guardian has searched using a search engine for how to log in
  • someone has shared the link to the login page with them

If you have switched on the Parent Portal and Arbor App, the guardian will be able to reset their password, log in and access the Parent Portal and Arbor App.

If you have not switched on the Parent Portal (it is set to no in your Parent Portal Settings), the guardian will not be able to access and information in Arbor. They will see an error message telling them that the Parent Portal has not been enabled yet.

You can check that they don't have access by logging in as a guardian.



If the guardian logs in when the Parent Portal is still disabled, it will show that the guardian has logged in on the Parent Portal Usage page, along with the date this was attempted.

You may still wish to include these guardians when you send guardians the welcome email, to let them know that when they try to log in again they will be able to access the Parent Portal.


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